Sunday, July 3, 2011

Evening Light

Today we:





Tonight, if someone has an extra glass of wine, she might not feel guilty at all.


Lynda said...

Now that is a good effort! Enjoy your evening and push on again tomorrow! Happy 4th July holiday xox

Erin Joy said...

What on earth is there left to feel guilty about?? Anytime you want to invite me over to make dinner - you just go right ahead! I'll be there - wooden spoon in hand.

Lynda said...

It doesn't work Katie. I've been trying to get her to make dinner for us for 2 years. Giggle giggle!!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I am going to keep trying. Maybe if I wish real hard, Erin will come over and make dinner for both of us her in my kitchen.

Matthew said...

I don't care who cooks the dinner, but I want some of it!