Saturday, March 12, 2011

All that She had Learned

A little project for your eyes to see. The quote is from the inestimable Leigh at Curly Girl Design via pinterest, of course. She beautifully works the English language to say just the right things, in just the right ways. Her work makes me happy, and inspired me to make this little painting for my girl Cas who has loads of potential AND cute shoes.

I started with this old canvas, pre-painted in my college days. Which is perfect because Cassi was probably jumping on my bed, talking my ear off as I painted it. Also, I like starting out with some texture.

The paint on the canvas is oil, so I layered on some tissue paper with layers of Arlene's tacky glue, and acrylic.

Added those perfect words.

et voila, instant Birthday present... if by instant I mean taking two weeks.


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Lynda said...

Took the words right outta my mouth!
Double awesome. Love the wording!