Saturday, October 30, 2010


Things that are making me happy today.

Today is the day before Halloween. That is what is making my daughter happy, along with pumpkin carving, and volleyball practice. But these are the things that are making me happy:

My Anthropologie catalog that arrived in the mail today. The combination of intricately unique items in it, and the inspiring layout make me drool. It also makes me sad that I have not been receiving the catalog for ages. I can almost taste the shelf full of loving bookmarked catalogs sitting in a nice neat row. Le sigh. Life is full of such small regrets, I suppose.

Also, that skein of recycled silk with it's circus bright colors, and sheen. New today. Yippee!

This cover made from this crochet pattern is not new. I finished it a few weeks ago, but it is still making me smile.

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Erin Joy said...

Makes me smile, too! Plans for the yarn? Do tell.