Sunday, November 1, 2009

Denver Remix

Having finished my self imposed project deadlines for the weekend at 9:30 this very night, I decided to finally have a look through my Denver pictures. Yes, Denver. An almost whole week there starting this last Thursday, and here you thought you knew everything about me. I have a few favorites!

Here is the view from the futon. Inconsequential perhaps, unless you know that this view is the view of my very own bestest friend as she sits talking to me on the phone when she is far, far away.

The view from the porch/balcony. Look, you can see the cash register building.

Some views of Denver's charms. One of these houses is built in a style called Vernacular Stick.

Everyone loves a sunburst, right?


A few prerequisite pictures that you must take upon visiting Denver. It is in the rules.

As I See It

As I See It from below.

Lest you think I got blue skies the entire time, it does snow in Colorado.

Sometimes, a lot.

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